Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you

Sometimes, people are just so calculative. I wonder it's an attitude people adopt as they grow older or it's their natural "self-protection mechanism".

Isn't it a good thing to share? Doesn't it make you feel so lonely and isolated if you shove everyone off? Aren't you tired of keeping a record of which is your stuff and who used your stuff? Maybe I'm being too sensitive but it is an eyesore at times looking at what's going on lately. I feel so low by saying this but I think people who are calculative are somewhat self-centered.

So, let me pray that I don't become a calculative person. It will definitely make me look so snobbish and arrogant.

There's another incident that happened to me today, but I do not want to post it here. I guess you don't need me to tell you why. The only thing that I can say is, that person once said that he/she will be very annoyed if a person does that to him/her. But today, he/she does this to me. I don't know whether this person does this on purpose or without realizing it. In my point of view, though, it is almost impossible for that person to not realize it. I am so pissed off that I wanna strangle that person until he/she begs me to stop and vows that he/she will never do that again.

So, folks out there, please... do not do to others what you do not like others do to you. Do you understand?

Last but not least, do try to accept other people's point of view. Your idea is not perfect. Being older does not mean you are better or wiser. No one is the most intelligent creature in the entire universe. Get it? There's this chinese quote, "there sure is one teacher among three persons who walk together." Meaning, no matter how great you are, there must be someone who is wiser than you in a certain aspect. My advise is, try to look at the world from a higher peak, then you will realize how small you are.


Johnny said...

Hi! My name is Johnny. I live in Ecuador at this time and I think and agree with you. Nobelness is considered stupid for many in this world, all I see is how unhappy that person is. Thanks for the space to share my thought.

Anonymous said...

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Ma.Concepcion said...

this one's so nice! haveee...

Sajith Subramanian Virippery said...

Yes at least for the saying that goes "dont do to others whats you dont want other do to you". but then the question remains what if others actually does it to you? Should you be patient, calm, or ignore. If betrayed by some one, Philosophy says ---- weak person would take revenge
----strong person would suffer and let go
----an intelligent person would ignore and move ahead.

But isn't each person an being with a heart and mind.

I request each reader if they accept for me the belief is "Hurting someone with the truth is better than keeping them happy with a Lie"

Anonymous said...

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